The Herwork Framework:

It may be easy for us to dress for success. But as women, we may need to undress the rules in order to find the success that is ours. With Herwork, we’ll undress those rules based on a framework that focuses on the following:

  • One size does NOT fit all
  • Do not skirt the issue – just skirt the norm
  • Don’t heel – but take it to new heights
  • Be a leg up
  • Nail it every time

One size does not fit all: We are all unique, the sum of all our parts and “roles” in life. What works for some of us may not work for others. That is perfectly okay – and we should not feel badly when that old size doesn’t fit anymore. Together, we’ll help you find your next – and best – size to fit YOU.

Don’t skirt the issue – just skirt the norm: What’s challenging you and what are you looking to change? It’s not about avoiding the issue – but about finding unique solutions together.

Don’t heel – but take it to new heights:  Sometimes we get stuck in our careers. It’s very easy to fall into a rut. Let’s push the limits together.

Be a leg up: Who are you as a professional? What drives you? Where have you been, where are you now and where do you want to go? Let’s prepare together and you’ll be ready for that next great opportunity coming your way.

Nail it every time: Through the Herwork Framework, we guide you to acknowledge, aspire and take action – so you can nail it every time!

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